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Blue Tooth Speakers Earbuds

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Bumble Bud Strap

As low as $3.35



When the background noise gets too much and you need to zone out, the Bumble Bud Strap has got you covered. Made of silicone, the strap will prioritise your comfort and assure the security of your wireless earbuds. Amongst today’s active consumers, the Bumble Bud Strap will give your branding a refreshing and quirky flavour. Add to comparison list
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OBI Bluetooth Speaker

As low as $37.98



Perfectly petite, yet sensationally strong, this Bluetooth Speaker is nothing short of exceptional. Accompanied by a personalised gift box, the speaker has it all: a sleek, sophisticated design, convenient sizing ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle and the projection of powerful, premium sound with a built in subwoofer. Showcasing an air of modernism, the speaker is perfect for any contemporary brand. Add to comparison list